Thermal Suite

Fire and Ice experiences that stimulate the senses!

The Thermal Suite Fire and Ice experience is based on the ancient ritual of bathing where the body is treated using a series of hot and cooling experiences, guiding your body through a sensory journey with the ultimate aim of inducing deep relaxation. By increasing the core temperature of the body, it is an excellent way of preparing for individual massage treatments which will be more effective as a result.

The Thermal Suite Fire and Ice experience can be enjoyed on its own or as part of our day spa experiences where it is part of the all-inclusive price.
Fire & Ice Experience prices:

Half Day: £22 (Mon-Fri)
Half Day: £30 (Sat-Sun)

The Mineral Salt Grotto

This hot steam room uses salt and essences to aid healing whilst the heated seats leave your body completely relaxed.

Aroma Steam Room

Using a combination of steam and essential oils, this moist environment will cleanse the body, removing impurities and revitalizing the mind.

Feature Showers

From warm tropical rain to give you an all-over body massage to invigorating peppermint mist to cool down the body this shower provides a full multi-sensory experience.

Ice Fountain

Gently apply these crushed ice crystals to waken your senses and firm the skin. This wonderful way of counteracting your heat experiences will leave you feeling full of energy.

Foot Spas

The perfect way to soak away the stresses of a busy day, immerse your feet in these warm pools enhanced with specialist oils to help put a spring in your step.