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Light Bites and Snacks

When you need something light, nutritious and tasty! 


Olives & Sundried Tomatoes (V) - £3.95
Marinated in Lemon. Garlic and Thyme

Toasted Focaccia Bread (V) - £3.95
Served with Balsamic Glaze and Oils for dipping

Grilled Halloumi (V) - £4.95
Served with a Homemade pesto

Delicious Dishes

Creamed Tagliatelle  £11.95
Served with Chicken, Mushrooms or Smoked Salmon in a wine and cream sauce

Oven Baked Jacket Potato - £6.95
Served with Butter and Salad Garnish

Choose a filling from: Chicken Bacon Mayo, Cheese, Crispy Bacon, Tuna

Imagine Sharing Platter - £14.95 (for 2 people)
Grilled Chicken, Sauté Mushroom, Olives, Toasted Focaccia, Smashed Avocado, Pesto, Balsamic dip and Side Salad

Veggie Sharing Platter (V) - £14.95 (for 2 people)
Grilled Halloumi, Mushrooms, Olives, Toasted Focaccia, Smashed Avocado, Pesto, Balsamic dip with Side Salad

Platters are also available as a serving for one -  £7.50


Mango & Chilli  (V) - £10.95
Finely diced Cucumber and Tomato served on a bed of salad and pine nuts

Caesar (V) -  £10.95
Crunchy Lettuce, Croutons, Grana Padano Cheese and Caesar Dressing

Vegan Greek (V) -  £10.95
Cucumber, Tomato, Olives and Basil on a bed of mixed leaves with a balsamic glaze

Add Halloumi, Grilled Chicken or Smoked Salmon to your salad for an additional £1.99

Sandwiches and Baguettes

Crusty White, Soft Granary, Gluten Free Ciabatta or baked White Baguette -  £6.95
Served with a Salad Garnish

Choose a filling from:

  • Tuna Mayonnaise and Cucumber
  • Cheese and Tomato
  • Smoked Salmon and Lemon Mayonnaise
  • Ham and Red Onion Chutney
  • Chicken and Bacon Mayo
  • Classic Egg Mayonnaise


If you have any dietary requirements or allergies, please speak to a member of the Imagine Spa team for more information.

V = Vegetarian