VOYA Organic Seaweed Treatments

VOYA Organic Seaweed Treatments

VOYA have used generations of acquired wisdom about the sea to bring you an organic beauty range designed to delight and purify your body. Based on our wonderful hand-harvested seaweed, certified organic and our knowledge of the local traditions of seaweed baths and seaweed treatments, we strive to bring you the full power of nature in its purest forms throughout our VOYA range. To find about more about VOYA, their ethos, treatments and products, take a look at their website.

Peppermint & Seaweed Sugar Glow

30 minute treatment – £35
This refreshing, and all over exfoliating treatment awakens the skin and body. It features a fabulous mix of organic peppermint leaf, seaweed and sugar all of which perform the double action of gently removing dead skin cells while introducing you to the uplifting effects of our organic peppermint essential oil.

Seaweed Leaf Wrap

60 minute treatment – £69
Unlike any other seaweed treatment, this truly amazing body therapy uses real organic seaweed leaves to scrub and wrap your body. Beginning with a bladder wrack body buff, this treatment detoxifies firms and softens the skin and is excellent for weight loss programme.

Peppermint & Seaweed Sugar Glow and Seaweed Leaf Wrap

90 minute treatment – £80
Combine the Peppermint & Seaweed Sugar Glow with the Seaweed Leaf Wrap for a luxurious, organic 90 minute treatment.

Herbal Bag Massage

60 minute treatment – £65
Soaked warm bags containing a combination of the finest herbs and seaweed are gently massaged into the body. This process reconditions and rejuvenates your skin by gently exfoliating the outer layers, and nourishing deep within. Choose between calming chamomile or stimulating fennel.

Tangle Me Up Body Wrap

60 minute treatment – £65
This all-over body treatment revitalises skin condition, relaxes tired and lethargic muscles and relieves stress and fatigue. Antioxidant compounds fight cellulite and the signs of ageing, improving the suppleness and elasticity of your skin. Voya’s body wrap will have you untangled and tingling!

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